Many clients come to Hindson & Melton LLC seeking to avoid probate and use a trust as part of your estate plan.  Often, a financial advisor has recommended you avoid probate as part of a financial review.

There is a lot of confusion about probate and the use of a trust to avoid probate.  If your will is properly prepared by a qualified attorney, the probate process is not always expensive or time consuming.  Hindson & Melton LLC can help you prepare such a will.   Our firm’s wills are designed to make probate as inexpensive and painless as possible for your heirs.   A trust normally costs more than a will, and this is a consideration for many families in estate planning.

When should you try to avoid probate? 

When might it be smart to avoid probate and use a trust?

  • If you have a lot of family conflict
  • If you do not have children, but you do have a lot of relatives
  • If you are in a second marriage or blended family with separate assets
  • If you own real property in multiple states
  • If you want to protect separate assets in the event of incapacity or disability

Call Hindson & Melton LLC today for assistance in updating or creating your estate planning.   We can help you decide whether it is smart for you to avoid probate and use a trust.
Karen Hindson, Hindson & Melton LLC