So it’s Final Four weekend in Atlanta and the Braves are playing the Cubs.  Everyone is in a good mood  The weather is fabulous as only Atlanta-in-April can be.  The dog and I are just hanging out, pondering magical thinking as it relates to sports and divorce.

Magical thinking always shows up at sporting events – can’t change my socks, cut my hair, shave, change my batter’s box routine — or I’ll lose my mojo.  Superstitions are a hallmark of magical thinking.  

Interpreting two closely occurring events as though the first caused the second, without regard for a causal link.  Magical thinking.  Believing in the interconnectedness of all things and disregarding coincidence.  Magical thinking.    

For those inclined to feel guilty, divorce can be fertile ground for magical thinking.  You take on responsibility for the irrational and self-destructive behavior of another person.   I thought about it and he did it - so it’s my fault.   I left her and she did it – so it’s my fault.  Magical thinking.  

If I sleep with his sweatshirt, he will remain close.  Investing special powers in symbols - magical thinking. 

Four people on my street have filed for divorce, I must be next.  Magical thinking.  It’s inevitable; I have no control over this.  Magical thinking.

It occurs to me that magical thinking shows up on a regular basis.  Let’s name it and think more critically about our lives.  

Meanwhile, do I root for Cinderella Wichita State or Ware’s Louisville?  

© Karen S. Hindson, April 6, 2013