In Matter of: W.B. Construction and Sons, Inc., B-405874, B-405874.2, December 16, 2011, GAO sustained a protest that the contracting agency improperly awarded an 8(a) contract to an entity that did not participate in the procurement.

The construction contract award was made to DQSI, Corporation, which was the 8(a) entity approved by SBA. However, the proposal had been submitted by DQSI, LLC. It is undisputed that the award was made to a legal entity other than the entity that submitted the proposal.

The protester alleges that DQSI, Corporation no longer exists because it converted to a LLC in 2009. Further, the protester alleged that DQSI, Corporation did not receive advance SBA approval of the change in business structure or ownership. SBA confirmed that DQSI, Corporation was the 8(a) eligible participant.

The protest against the 8(a) award to DQSI, LLC was sustained by GAO, and the Army instructed to terminate the contract for convenience if DQSI, LLC is not eligible for the 8(a) award.