One of the benefits of being an Atlanta estate planner is the network of financial and legal professionals working in the estate planning field.  Thanks to financial planner Peter Miralles for sending me his Atlanta Wealth Consultants LLC September 2013 newsletter.  There is a very interesting estate planning article on Famous People Who Failed to Properly Plan for their estates – including Sonny Bono, Chief Justice Warren Burger, Heath Ledger, and Florence Griffith Joyner.   Read the estate planning article here, and pause to consider the importance of estate planning for your family.  I find the Atlanta Wealth Consultants LLC newsletter to be interesting and I commend it to my Georgia and South Carolina estate planning clients and readers.  Contact information for Peter and his firm are in the newsletter if you are interested in more information about their financial planning services.

Karen S. Hindson, Hindson & Melton LLC  September 13, 2013