New YearFamily law is a tough business for New Year’s resolutions.   But once a year we take stock and resolve to do better — and to be better — lawyers, parents, spouses, human beings.  This is the gift of the season of New Year.

As lawyers we can listen more, even if we think we already know what the client is trying to say.  Just in case we are mistaken.  We can let the client know how much we care about the client and his or her case.  We can choose to be gracious, or kind, or patient, when the circumstances might justify a different response.

We can search for new ideas or better ways of doing things.  We can study other disciplines that will bring new insights and tools to our family law cases.   We can leave some ego on the table where it best serves our client or cause.

In truth, the resolutions that will make us better lawyers will also make us better parents, spouses, and human beings.  Let it be so.  Happy New Year.Karen S. Hindson

Karen Hindson, Hindson & Melton LLC


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