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Plan, Prepare, Protect! Stopping Violence in Church

A Conference for Church Leaders

Rev. Joy Melton, along with Pfeiffer University and the leaders of the Security Executive Council, are hosting a conference at the Charlotte Campus of Pfeiffer University and Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C. , April 17-19, 2013.


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Stop the Violence in Church PLAN, PREPARE, PROTECT: STRENGTHENING SAFETY IN MINISTRY will address a variety of important issues for church business administrators, trustees, finance leaders, and clergy. Violent crime in churches is a well-documented fact. Ministry security expert Carl Chinn has tracked hundreds of deadly force incidents at churches since 1999. Recent statistics posted at include attacks, abductions, suspicious deaths, suicides and deadly force used in intervention.  The National Archive of Criminal Justice also reports thousands of such crimes in houses of worship. The most frequent known triggers are domestic violence spilling over to the church, personal conflict involving non-related church members and robbery.  The crimes occur in churches of virtually every denomination.


Leading experts in safety and security will prepare clergy, church business administrators, and church leaders to educate congregations about security priorities for churches. Participants will learn successful risk management and mitigation techniques for reducing security risks.  Participants will also learn effective evaluation methods for analyzing the church’s safety plans.  Presentations and discussions will be provided on security of the church’s physical facilities, preventing cyber risks,  appropriate staff selection methods, financial fraud prevention, and many other topics.  Leaders will include Boy Hayes and Mark Lex of the Security Executive Council, Rev. Joy Melton, author of SAFE SANCTUARIES: THE CHURCH RESPONDS TO THE ABUSE, EXPLOITATION AND NEGLECT OF OLDER ADULTS, and Pfeiffer University faculty experts in stewardship and risk-management preparedness.  Attendees will receive solid resources and will also have the opportunity to join a continuing networked cohort of colleagues who desire to participate in more in-depth consultation and study.


Churches certainly can reduce the likelihood of crime and the injuries that can be devastating for individuals and congregations.  It takes thinking ahead and proactive planning to fully develop comprehensive risk management plans.  It also takes a robust effort to raise awareness within the congregation of security tools that are available.  The biggest expense in this type of proactive risk management is, quite simply, the time it takes to plan, prepare, and implement the protection strategies.


For registration information, contact Rev. Sherri Barnes at 704-463-3073 or by email at

Mark your calendar now and join us for the first PLAN, PREPARE, PROTECT CONFERENCE at Pfeiffer University.

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Plan, Prepare, Protect! Stopping Violence in Church
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