Sandy Springs Georgia residents headed for divorce have lots of questions and lots of choices.  Sandy Springs divorce lawyers Hindson & Melton LLC can help  you make good decisions.

Sandy Springs divorce lawyer – Fulton County case

Sandy Springs Georgia has almost 100,000 residents.   Fulton County is unique in the metro Atlanta area in that it has a Family Court which handles all Fulton County divorce cases.   Cases may be filed downtown or at the North Annex, but court proceedings are generally downtown.

Sometimes you will have a choice of which county to file your divorce case in, and your Sandy Springs divorce lawyer can help you decide which is the best choice for you.  The Fulton County Family Court offers many advantages to the Sandy Springs resident who desires an uncontested divorce.

Sandy Springs divorce mediation and the 30 day status conference

Unless you settle your case before it’s even filed, or very shortly after filing, your divorce case will be scheduled for mediation.  Mediation in Fulton County will likely be scheduled while you are at the 30 day status conference, if your attorney does not schedule it by agreement with the other side beforehand.  Mediation of your Sandy Springs divorce gives you and your spouse an opportunity to settle your divorce case by meeting with a neutral mediator.  The mediator is not always an attorney in Georgia divorces.  The mediator does not have authority to make decisions about your case.  In Fulton County, lawyers attend mediation with their clients to provide advice and assistance.

Settlement versus trial saves money

Sandy Springs divorce lawyers work to resolve their cases by agreement.  Trials are very expensive and can do emotional damage to the entire family for years to come.   Some cases require going to Court for a trial, and Hindson and Melton LLC can do that when it’s required.  But too often, trials leave both parties dissatisfied.  They have spent way too much money and don’t feel as validated as they had hoped.  If you wish to resolve your case as amicably and inexpensively as possible, seek the assistance of a qualified Sandy Springs divorce lawyer.  For an uncontested and efficient resolution of your divorce case, it will be important for you both to be transparent about your finances, income, debts, assets, and expenses.  “Game playing” is generally inconsistent with uncontested divorce and must be avoided. This strategy will help you save money on attorneys fees and will keep the emotional angst to a minimum.

Uncontested versus contested divorce

Uncontested cases are cases where all issues are resolved by agreement.  Sometimes settlement agreements are completed and signed before the divorce case is even filed.  In your case, you will decide with your Sandy Springs divorce lawyer whether it is better to file the case first and then work on a settlement or vice versa.

Lifestyle matters

The number one cause of escalation of hostilities is having an affair - or acting like it - before the case is over.  If you haven’t already made this mistake, don’t.  This will save you a lot of money and grief in your divorce case.

Can we both use the same lawyer?

Sandy Springs divorce clients frequently ask if they can use the same lawyer.  A divorce lawyer can represent only one party in the case, since the spouses have an inherent conflict of interest.  Sandy Springs divorce lawyers cannot represent both sides of the case!  It is okay for one spouse to be represented by a Sandy Springs divorce lawyer who prepares uncontested divorce paperwork.  The other spouse could take the draft to another attorney for review on a consultation basis instead of retaining an attorney, thereby saving on legal fees.

Uncontested divorce Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs uncontested divorces must resolve all issues of the marriage.  The settlement agreement will address issues such as child custody, parenting schedule, child support,  alimony if appropriate, division of property, retirement and investment accounts, and marital debt.  If you and your spouse discuss these issues before you retain a Sandy Springs divorce lawyer, make sure that you do not “agree” to anything prematurely.  An agreement between the parties can be enforceable even if it is oral, so make clear in your conversations, e-mails, or notes that you are in preliminary discussions only.  Any notes you have should be marked “draft for discussion purposes only” or something similar.

More information

Sandy Springs divorce lawyers Hindson & Melton LLC have website resources to help you become more informed about your Sandy Springs divorce.  Read as much as you want, or just come to the office to meet with us about your case.  Bring your questions with you!

Does our firm represent men or women?

Many people ask whether Hindson & Melton LLC represents men or women.  We represent both.  Our goal is to work with our clients to define and attain your objectives for your case.

Hindson & Melton LLC attorneys would be happy to consult with you about your Sandy Springs divorce.  Contact Sandy Springs divorce lawyers Karen Hindson or Joy Melton for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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