Living Wills for Georgia or South Carolina residents need not be complex, but the decisions contained in these documents could be incredibly important to your family.   The statutory living will forms for both states are provided here at no cost as a public service.  If you should need assistance in completing the appropriate form or wish to discuss other important planning issues, contact Hindson & Melton LLC for an appointment.

Georgia Living Will Form


The Georgia living will form combines what is commonly referred to as a living will with other health care decisions into a single document called an advance directive.  For example, this form permits you to name a health care agent, who could make health care decisions for you if you could not make them yourself.  It also allows you to select your end of life treatment preferences, and nominate a guardian in the event you ever need one.  The instructions in the form are part of the Georgia law.

South Carolina Living Will Form

South Carolina Living Will Form – Declaration of a Desire for a Natural Death

The South Carolina statutory form permits you to document your wish to die a natural death without life-sustaining procedures if you were to be in a terminal condition or a state of permanent unconsciousness.  It also allows you to select your end of life treatment preferences, and even to appoint agents who would be empowered to revoke or enforce your declaration.  The form also includes instructions to revoke your living will.  The instructions in the form are part of the South Carolina law.

Karen Hindson, Hindson & Melton LLC   February 1, 2013